Available Bichons Frises

We have 2 boys that were born on March 9, 2010 to Sparkle & Mr. Mushnick.
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We occasionally have puppies and young adults available to good homes. 

We also have a female, Betty, and her brother Archie, that were born mid December 2008.  They are show quality but we would consider the right companion only home an option as well. 

We also have 3 finished Champions available to show or companion only homes, 3 males.  
All are group placing in the US, 2 already have their AKC Grand Championship and the other is almost there.  One is also a Canadian Champion, and one has points in Canada. 
Both of those are group placing in the Canada as well.
The finished Champions would do well as Specials, in obedience, agility, rally, or as therapy dogs. 

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Last updated May 18, 2011

That's Chilleykings Comic Hero

Archie is a sweet boy, born December 2008, Archie is scheduled for all of his health certifications very soon.  We hope to het him into the show ring early this summer.

Archie is available to a show home.



Mr. Mushnick

Red Dog


That's Chilleykings Girl Next Door

Betty is totally adorable and pretty spoiled. She has good bone but is very dainty.  Not tiny just feminine.

Betty is in tact and we hope to get her into the show ring this year.  She has never been bred and if placed in tact would be under contract regarding showing and breeding. 

If you are sensing a theme, yes, there was a Veronica.  Chilleykings That's a Rich Girl has found her forever home.

Born December 2008, Betty is scheduled for her full OFA certifiaction soon.

AM GCH CAN CH That's The Devil With A White Suit On

Red Dog is an American Grand Champion, Canadian Champion, Multiple Group Placing in the US and Canada.

More importantly, Red Dog is a fabulous companion.  A fun little dog with great conformation and a wonderful attitude.  Red Dog has it all:  Structure, movement, coat, attitude, and a beautiful long neck. 
Red Dog is available at stud to approved bitches.  If placed in tact, it would be on a strict contract.

Tunia, yes he is a boy.  AM GCH That's A Royal Tunia Wave

He is a fabluous loving dog and needs a forever home.  He has fun in the show ring so may enjoy performance events or just sitting on your couch. 
(OK, the bed, the pillow...)
If Tunia is placed in tact, it would be with a strict breeding contract.

Multiple Group Placing and more thatn 1/2 way towards his Grand Championship.
Tunia has sired a beautiful litter of puppies now in a combination of show and companion homes.  He is available at stud to approved bitches.

AM GCH That's Chilleykings Mr. Mushnick

Yes, we call him, MR. Mushnick. 
There is a story, and the movie 'Little Shop of Horrors' and ours had a pretty happy ending.  He is a fabulous show dog, when he wants to be.  Coat to die for.  In his first weekends out as a Specials, Mr. Mushnick beat the top Bichons in the country and went on to Group Placements.  His favorite place is the bed pillows.  Mr. Mushnick needs a forever home and if sold intact would be under strict breeding contract. 

Multiple Group Placing in the US and Canada
Mr. Mushnick is available at stud to approved bitches.

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Sparkle - Mr. Mushnick Puppies

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Mr. Green Jeans