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Brt was our first Black Russian Terrier.  He was an unbelievably awesome creature.  He had it all, bone, substance, type, movement, and personality. He was the first US Champion and #1 for 2004.   Brt sired the first, and so far the only, All-Champion litter in the US.  It was also the first OFFA Good to OFFA Good litter in the US.  Unfortunately we lost him to a pneumothorax in April 2005.  We do have semen stored for future use to the right bitch.  Look for Brt puppies in the ring sometime in the next couple of years.   

Brt, yes that is his name Brt (pronounced BURT) has been and is a truly great dog both in the ring and at home. No matter where we have been Brt leaves a lasting impression. His fans are a great many people from all corners of this great country, Canada and Mexico. I was taken with the Black Russian Terrier breed from the start when I saw them at the World show in Mexico City in 1998. It was here that I met Jim and Anne and CEA Brt's mom to be. I ended up showing CEA at the world show and went on to show her and Brt's father KO in Mexico. When the time came to breed CEA I was there for the breeding and went to pick my puppy when the litter was 6 weeks old. Brt was a sleepy puppy but there was something about this dog that just lit a fire in me. Having shown dogs for some twenty years I have an eye for what I like and this puppy was it. Brt came to live with me when he was 4 months old and we have never looked back. Brt has won his Mexican Ch with group placements and has won many puppy specialty wins and has gone on to win many National Specialty wins at the BRTCA Specialty Shows. This BRT is the only specialty winning dog to have all of his health certificates. OFA HIPS GOOD, ELBOWS NORMAL, CARDIO NORMAL (cardiologist) , EYES CERF NORMAL. THYROID NORMAL. At 29.5 inches and 145 lb. Brt is a truly impressive dog. He exemplifies the breed standard from his nose to his toes. Read the standard and go over this dog part for part and you will see the standard come to life. His stable confident temperament is a joy in the ring. Yet he is still a BRT when it comes to his family and home. Everything about this dog is MASSIVE. Once you put your hands on this dog you will see that it is just not hair. I wish you could feel just how substantial this boy truly is. For a giant breed he is incredibly agile in that he can clear a 4x4x4 foot high xpen from a stand and clear the top without so much as a hair touching the xpen. The first time he did this he was two years old and got excited when Darlene left the set up with another dog. He just followed her. Well, he was told that this is not a good thing to do and never has done it since.

I guess this is only one page of our website so I will have to have you call us to hear more on just how great I think this dog is.