Our Ethics Statement

We believe in only breeding to improve the breed.  The statements made by several breeders regarding "limited gene pools" only further limits a gene pool.  Breeding more does not mean breeding better.  You must research as much as you possibly can, then research some more.  You must make a lifetime committment to every dog that you breed.  As breeders, we must stand behind everything that we breed and expect as much from everyone that purchases a puppy from us.  If you commit to a puppy it is for a lifetime.  If for some reason you are ever unable to care for a dog that you got from us, we will be there for you.  We live up to our word and expect that from others.  We will be there for our puppy buyers.  If at any time, day or night, you have questions about the dogs, you may contact us.  This goes for health issues, training issues and regular daily activity, as well as showing.

When it comes to handling and showing, every dog will be presented to the best of our ability.  We also expect that when a client says that a dog is in good show condition, it really is.  We will do everything possible to maintain and improve the dogs condition and training.  We comply with the AKC rules and regulations at all times .  They have these rules to maintain the integrity of the sport.  People that present dogs that they know are being presented against those regulations should be forced to deal with the consequences.

We will always try to do our very best at all times when it comes to our dogs and we consider any dog that we breed, show, or care for as 'our dogs,' because when they are in our care, they are in our life.  If you ever have any questions for us about anything regarding our dogs, our lives or our ethics, please contact us.  

David and Darlene Scheiris