That's Cerberus' Heavenly Demon

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How Marishka Came To Live With Us
 by Darlene Scheiris

Dave went to Oregon in January 2006 to evaluate a litter of BRT puppies for Donna Renton, Cerberus Kennels.  Dave was excited to fly out there and see this litter as the sire of the litter was our recently acquired Maks.  Well after he got there on Friday evening, he called and could not stop talking about the puppies, especially one bitch puppy.  Well the next day he called home on  his way to the airport.  He did not mention the puppies at all, so I finally asked him:  "So, uh, how many, uh, living creatures will I be picking up at the airport this evening?"  His response:  "I love you."  Then:  "I really love you."  Then: "I really, really love you."  I thought he was bringing home two puppies at that point.  So it was almost a relief when he just brought home one.  Marishka has been on the road with John and Kasey Plessner since Dave has been home with puppies.  She is turning out wonderfully and we are awaiting photos from her latest win.  Marishka finished her Championship with Dave at the St. Joseph, MO show February 2007.  She is off to be perfectly spoiled and sometimes specialed with her new family in Pennsylvania until it is time to breed her in a couple of years. 

Marishka's first x-rays look very good so we will await her official preliminary exams and then her certification.  After that we hope to breed her to our CH Terminator. 

Marishka with John Plessner