CH Chilleyking's Frankly My Dear

When Scarlett was born, it was going to be my "Gone With The Wind" litter.  I was going to have a Scarlett and a Rhett.  See Sunny's page for more about Rhett.  Scarlett was and is a DIVA of the same caliber as the infamous Scarlett O'Hara.  We were put on earth to serve her.  She is most comfortable on a pillow or the back of the couch.  When Scarlett was showing, it was up to her whether it was going to be a good day or a bad day.  If she wanted to show that day, she was awesome.  If she didn't, she'd just look at you and you knew that she was thinking:  "Watch what I can make you do!"  Nevertheless, she kept it interesting.  She is a dainty bitch with a sweet face, nice pigment and a wonderful coat.  Scarlett passed all of her OFFA testing with flying colors.  Her first litter, two boys and a girl, were born in September 2006, and are totally adorable.  (of course!) So far mommy and babies are doing fine.  For more about Scarlett's puppies click on the link to the left.