CH. Chilleyking's Sunlcomup Tomaura

When Sunny was born, I was going to have a "Gone with the Wind" litter.  I was going to have a Scarlett and a Rhett.  When Rhett, went from Rhett-Boy to Rat-Boy, I decided that I couldn't show a dog nicknamed Rat-Boy, so he became Sunny.  I do still have Scarlett, though and she does emulate her namesake, but that is another story. 

Sunny has been a great dog.  He finished very quickly and is retired.  Since using Frontline Top Spot Plus on him as a young dog, he developed 'hot spots.'  They don't seem to be an issue any more but since I couldn't be sure that he wouldn't pass this on to any puppies that he might sire.  He is neutered.  It made me sad to do it because he has beautiful eyes and pigment and as Dave says:  "A coat you could bounce a quarter off of."  When he is shaved down, it is like digging through Berber carpet to find his skin.  I would loved to have had a Sunny baby but the possibility of a health issue was more important.  I often thought about placing him in a perfect pet home but somehow, none have come along.  He is a great foot warmer on those nights that Dave is gone to shows.