Welcome to Zelda's Page
CH That's Ocarina of Time 2 Eh

Zelda got her name because Dave was off at a show (surprise) and Darlene was taking care of two black Havanese puppies and they needed names.  They became Zelda and Imelda.  Dave then had the chore of coming up with a registerable name to go along with the call name.  Thank God for Google!  Zelda now resides in Minnesota with Roberta Bleecker.  Zelda promises to be a beautiful specials bitch and we hope will win many group placements as she matures. 

Zelda was photographed for the Kansas City Star newspaper's Christmas 2005 series "12 Dogs of Christmas."  She was featured for Day 2, Two Turtle Doves.  Special thanks to the Kansas City Ballet for the loan of the ballet shoes.  

Thank you Judge Bill Usherwood for awarding Zelda BOB over specials to finish her American Championship.